Remote Access

We supplied this customer with their metal roof roll formed on the lake.  The cabin was built on an island so access was tough to say the least.

Roll forming


Sometimes you may want to put a system together that compliments an area of your home.  Here we installed Longboard, aluminum siding made to look like wood.  It was at the poolside where it could be shown off to guests.



Often a job may be complimented with multiple systems.  There is nothing saying you can't incorporate different metal roof systems with others.  This customer chose to mix Decra steel shake with a Copper Penny snap lock roof.

Metal roof

Great Lengths

We rolled these panels just over 60 feet long for a seed plant in Manitoba.  We have site rolled panels up to 120 feet long.

Roll Forming
Winnipeg, MB

Flush face wall cladding.

Dryden, ON

Flush face wall cladding and standing seam roof.

Red Sucker Lake,MB

Standing seam roof.

Dauphin, MB

Aluminum Composite Metal panels (ACM)

Minaki, ON

Tough Rib roof panels.

Winnipeg, MB

Ceraclad fiber cement panels.

Westhawk, MB

Distinction siding, standing seam siding, rollform fascia.

Fort Frances, ON

ACM soffit, steel soffit, ACM siding, steel fascia.

2018-06-19 11.12.44.jpg
St.Andrews, MB

Flush face siding and soffit, standing seam roof, steel fascia.

2018-06-15 13.54.12.jpg
Winnipeg, MB

Curved standing seam roofing.

2018-06-12 08.53.21.jpg
Westhawk, MB

Snaplock roofing, corrugated metal siding.

2018-06-12 10.07.08.jpg
Clearwater Bay, ON

Decra Shake xd.

  • 5.jpg

    This wall was built out using galvanized Z bars and semi rigid insulation.  The flush face cladding gets installed over top.

  • IMG_1984.JPG

    This roof incorporated a snowstop system that clamps on to the seams. This limits penetrations from fasteners.

  • 20181105_114956.jpg

    The panels for this canopy had to be run through a curving machine to achieve the proper radius.

  • 20150604_135550.jpg

    After the panels get roll formed we crane them to the roof for install. 

  • IMG-20180423-WA0016.jpg

    Often we will work with other trades to finish off curbs and other penetrations.

  • IMG-20180123-WA0047.jpg

    Some of the material we work with comes with a protective film that doesn't get removed until the job is done.

Ontario Cabin

Ontario Cabin

Our snap lock roof panel and custom bent step fascia.

Westhawk Cabin

Westhawk Cabin

Combination of wood grain metal, and our standing seam panel.

Winnipeg Residence

Winnipeg Residence

Our wood grain metal siding panel, our standing seam roof panels and custom formed fascia.

Winnipeg Condos

Winnipeg Condos

A fiber cement siding panel.

Ontario Boathouse

Ontario Boathouse

2 story boathouse with our standing seam roof panel.

Westhawk FIrehall

Westhawk FIrehall

Metal cladding panels and snaplock roof system.

Winnipeg Residence

Winnipeg Residence

Stone coated metal shakes with a snap lock roof system.

Winnipeg Residence

Winnipeg Residence

Our woodgrain metal siding and our woodgrain perforrated soffit panel.

Winnipeg Business

Winnipeg Business

Aluminum woodgrain siding with custom fascia and our standing seam roof panel.

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